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In these Terms and Conditions, the reference to SC STRONG MND CORPORATION SRL means SPARTAN and vice versa.

This document sets out the terms and conditions of use of this website and the terms of programming, through this website (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”).

The USER will carefully read the Terms and Conditions before using this website and performing any operation through it.

The Privacy Policy, Reservation Policy, Cookie Policy, and any other policies or documents referred to in this document are part of these “Terms and Conditions”.

By accepting the “Terms and Conditions”, the USER also agrees with the SPARTAN Privacy Policy, as well as with all other Policies, guidelines applicable in the online environment, as well as all laws and regulations in force.

If the USER does not agree with these “Terms and Conditions”, he is asked not to use this website.

SPARTAN reserves the right to change the “Terms and Conditions” at any time.

Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will only take effect for new accesses or visits to the site, registered after the publication of those changes on this website. Thus, the USER is asked to check the section related to the “Terms and Conditions”, before each operation, because it is possible that changes have occurred since the last visit.

The USER will ensure that he returns periodically to this page to ensure that he is familiar with the latest version of these “Terms and Conditions”.

The USER may determine when the “Terms and Conditions” were last updated or modified by reading the entry under the heading “SPARTAN Terms and Conditions”, a statement called “updated on….”

To the extent that there is a conflict between these “SPARTAN Terms and Conditions” and other additional and special Terms and Conditions presented on the site, the additional and special “Terms and Conditions” will prevail.

These “Terms and Conditions” apply to all sites owned and / or operated by SPARTAN, but including but not limited to the site on which the Terms and Conditions are posted, as well as their mobile versions, social networks. and applications (collectively, the “Site”), but also the services available on or through the Site (the “Services”).


These “Terms and Conditions” will apply to all accesses or visits to the site.

In these “Terms and Conditions”, the terms below will have the following meaning:

CLIENT – client of SPARTAN Restaurants;

COMMUNICATION – means any form of communication intended to promote, directly or indirectly, the services, image, name or denomination, company or emblem of the entities brought together under the brand name SPARTAN;

COOKIE – means a small file, usually made up of letters and numbers, that is downloaded into the memory of a computer (or other equipment used for online browsing – mobile phone, tablet, etc.), when the user accesses the website used in order to ensure a faster and easier interaction between users and websites;

PERSONAL DATA – any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable person is a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity;

SPARTAN – means the brand name under which the company S.C. STRONG MND CORPORATION S.R.L, but also its collaborators and partners;

LINK – means a reference, link, navigation element in an electronic document to other parts of the same document, other documents or sections of other documents, to which a user is sent when accessing the navigation element;

NEWSLETTER – means a periodic bulletin communicated by SPARTAN to its users who have expressly consented to receive such communications, and which includes news, information about the activities, projects, news and services provided by SPARTAN, intended for its users ;

OPERATOR – represents the companies that come together under the brand name SPARTAN;

WEBSITE – means the site http: // www. spartan.ro;

SECTION – means a section on the sites http: // www. spartan.ro/;

SPAM – means any unsolicited commercial communication prohibited by law as long as there is no explicit consent of the recipient (user). SPARTAN does not encourage SPAM and will not make such communications to its users;

STORAGE – keeping data or information on any medium;

USER – is any natural person who browses the site and views the content on it under certain conditions, without having to register with an account name and password;

VISIT – means any access by a person to the site http: // www. spartan.ro/ or a subsection thereof;

PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA – any operation or set of operations performed on personal data, by automatic or non-automatic means, such as collection, registration, organization, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, disclosure to third parties by transmission, dissemination or in any other way, joining or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying;


The USER will be able to navigate through the website and will be able to view its content, being responsible for all accesses or visits made to the website by him, regardless of whether or not they are authorized by the USER.

Also, if applicable, the USER agrees:

(i) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about it, and

(ii) maintain and promptly update the information provided so that it is accurate, current and complete.

If SPARTAN provides any information that is false, inaccurate, or incomplete, or SPARTAN has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is false, inaccurate, or incomplete, SPARTAN reserves the right to refuse any request and / or to disregard the request, at his free choice.

The data and information provided by the USER are subject to the Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Policy.

By the USER’s use of the site you agree to the collection and use (as set forth in the Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Policy) of certain information about the USER, including the transfer of such information for storage, processing and use by SC STRONG MND CORPORATION S.R.L. and its working points.

SPARTAN is not liable for any damage caused or in connection with the theft of data due to the USER’s inability to take reasonable action, the disclosure by the USER of the data provided or the authorization by the USER granted to another person to use the USER’s data.


In connection with the USER’s use of the website as well as in connection with the content that the USER completes as a user in the contact form provided by SPARTAN, he agrees that he will not proceed to the following actions and will not allows anyone, directly or indirectly, to:

communicates, transmits or makes available any content or information which it is not entitled to make available in accordance with any law or contractual provision;
communicate, transmit or make available, non-public information or personal information that allows the identification of another person, without the explicit consent of that person;
communicate, transmit or make available information that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party;
restrict or prevent the access of other users in accessing or visiting the site, including but not limited to methods of “hacking” or changing the interface of the site;
accessing or attempting to access the website or sections thereof by any means other than the user interface;
modification of the site in any way or in any form, in order to obtain unauthorized access to the site;
use of the site or materials for any illegal purpose;
use of the site or the materials on the site for any illegal, unfair or bad faith purpose;
expressing in md expressly or implicitly some statements, presenting them as being approved by SPARTAN, without the prior consent of SPARTAN, in written form;
presenting that you are another person or representative of an entity, whether this is true or fictitious information, including as a SPARTAN collaborator or SPARTAN representative;
the transmission of any content or information that is illegal, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, defamatory, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, hateful, vulgar or otherwise, or infringes SPARTAN’s or any third party’s rights, intellectual property or other rights ; the transmission of any material or information that is not public about the companies without the authorization to do so; the disclosure of any trade secret by a third party; or the transmission of any advertisements, requests, investment opportunities or other unsolicited commercial communications – also called SPAM messages (except as expressly permitted otherwise by SPARTAN);
use of the site to harm minors in any way;
the transmission of any software or other material containing viruses or other destructive elements;
modifying, adapting, translating, selling, or disassembling any part of the Site or attempting to derive any source code or underlying ideas or algorithms from any part of the Site;
the removal of any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights contained on the Site;
harassing behaviors in the online environment;
creating links to any page or content on the Site, without prior written permission from SPARTAN representatives;
the use of any robot-type programs or a manual or automatic device to retrieve data or reproduce the information or navigation structure or presentation of the Site or the content without the prior written consent of SPARTAN, including any image displayed on the site;
collecting or collecting information about site visitors without their express consent;
violation of any applicable laws locally, nationally or internationally, including, but not limited to, as well as any regulations with the force of law, but also European regulations.
The actions presented above will constitute a violation of these “Terms and Conditions”.

Also, by accepting these “Terms and Conditions” the USER declares that he understands that the transmission and technical processing of the site, including user content, may involve transmissions through various networks and modifications to comply with and adapt to the technical requirements of connection to existing networks or devices today in the online environment.

If the USER chooses to submit any ideas, suggestions, documents and / or proposals in the contact form provided by SPARTAN, he acknowledges and agrees that:

  • the USER’s messages do not contain confidential or protected information;
  • SPARTAN is not and cannot be responsible for the content of messages transmitted;
  • SPARTAN is not bound by any obligation of confidentiality, express or implied, with respect to the data provided;
  • SPARTAN reserves the right to use or disclose (or choose not to use or disclose) such communications for any purpose, in any media worldwide; the messages and information transmitted by the USER will automatically become the property of SPARTAN;
  • USER is not entitled to any compensation of any kind from SPARTAN in any case.


Subject to compliance with these “Terms and Conditions”, the USER may use the Materials exclusively for personal, non-commercial use, provided that he does not remove any copyright or other proprietary rights contained therein.

Subject to compliance with these “Terms and Conditions”, you may use the Site and the Materials exclusively for your personal use provided that you do not use, reproduce, modify, display, distribute, create derivative works or circumvent any technological measures by which you control effectively access the Site and / or materials in any way, including, but not limited to, manually or automatically, for any purpose.

Use of the Site and materials for any purpose other than as expressly authorized in these “Terms and Conditions” is a violation of SPARTAN copyright and other proprietary rights, and is strictly prohibited.

The site, including the software, databases, information, content, computer codes, ideas, know-how and materials (as well as all modifications and derivative works thereof, as well as any intellectual property and other rights related thereto or which are contained therein ) including, but not limited to, the selection, look and feel sequence and layout of the elements, as well as the sequence of “windows” is owned and operated by SPARTAN and will remain the exclusive property of SPARTAN.

The USER agrees that the Site is protected by copyright, trademarks and other laws. In addition, you confirm that you do not acquire any ownership rights through the use of the Site or the Materials, that you will not contest in any way that could affect the SPARTAN ownership of the site and its content.

The trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on the Site (collectively referred to as “Trademarks”) are registered and unregistered trademarks of SPARTAN and SPARTAN PARTNERS.

Trademarks for the ownership of SPARTAN, whether registered or unregistered, may not be used in connection with any service not provided by SPARTAN, in any way that could cause confusion in the relationship with customers, or in any way that denigrates SPARTAN.

Nothing on this site should be construed as granting, expressly or implicitly, or otherwise, a right to use any trademark without the express written permission of SPARTAN or the SPARTAN PARTNERS.

Improper use of any Trademark is prohibited and SPARTAN will enforce its intellectual property rights in such trademarks in accordance with legal provisions, including through civil and / or criminal litigation.

Trademarks owned by SPARTAN can be identified in the list of trademarks published in the Official Bulletins of Intellectual Property.


As an advantage for SPARTAN users, links to third party websites may be provided.

If the USER uses these links, he will leave the SPARTAN site. Relationships with third parties, through these links to those sites or applications of third parties strictly concern the relationship between the USER and third parties.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, SPARTAN is not responsible for the content, products or services offered on or through such websites, or for any updates or modifications to such sites, for any use or the inability to use such sites or other practices of such sites, and the fact that SPARTAN provides such links does not indicate any endorsement or support of any material contained on any site.

The sites of third parties are not under the control of SC STRONG MND CORPORATION SRL, and it will not make any representation regarding the quality, adequacy, functionality or legality of any sites to which it may offer through links. SPARTAN disclaims any responsibility for the content, legality, decency or accuracy of the information, as well as for any products and services that appear on any third party site / application.

By these “Terms and Conditions” the USER completely, irrevocably, but also permanently exempts SPARTAN and waives any claim or claim that it may have against SPARTAN with respect to such links or third party sites.


SPARTAN encourages parents to use appropriate parental supervision to determine whether they authorize minor children to access the Site. Protections that provide parental control (such as hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available, and may help the USER to limit access to material that is harmful to minors.


Violation of these “Terms and Conditions”, including unauthorized use of the site, may be investigated and taken against them, including but not limited to civil, criminal or other proceedings.

The USER understands and agrees that it remains free to choose SPARTAN, and without prior notice, that SPARTAN may restrict or block the USER’s access to the site or the services offered by it, that it may cancel certain events, may refuse to honor certain services in future development or services related to the USER or a person acting in concert with the USER, if SPARTAN considers that the “Terms and Conditions”, the rights of SPARTAN, its partners or the rights of another visitor or site are violated.


The site, the materials presented on it and any service obtained through this site are provided as such without any express or implied warranty.

The USER assumes all responsibility and risks that may arise from the use of the site and the trust placed in it. No opinion, advice or statement of SPARTAN, whether made through the site or otherwise, makes any warranty whatsoever.

SPARTAN makes no warranty, endorsement or liability for any service published or provided by any third party through this site or any link, banner or other advertising, and SPARTAN will not be a party in any way. in any transactions carried out between the USER and a third party.

The use of the site and other materials presented on the site is at the own risk of the USER. Also, the USER is solely responsible for any damage caused to the system in the USER’s computer or for the loss of data that could result from the downloading of any such materials.

The advice or information, whether given orally or in writing, obtained by the USER from SPARTAN and / or any of the entities that make up this brand or through this site will not create any guarantee that is not explicitly stipulated.

The site or materials may include inaccuracies, errors, information or materials that violate these terms of use. In addition, unauthorized changes may be made by third parties to the site or materials. Although SPARTAN tries to ensure the integrity of the Site, it does not guarantee the completeness and correctness of the Site.

If a situation arises in which the completeness and correctness of the site is questioned, the USER is asked to contact SPARTAN at the e-mail address office@spartan.ro, and if possible, with a description of the material that the location (URL) where such material can be found on the site, as well as sufficient information to allow SPARTAN to contact the USER, will also be verified. SPARTAN will endeavor to resolve the User’s issues as soon as possible, for a reasonable period of time.


Within the legal limits, the USER agrees and expressly assumes that neither SPARTAN nor the entities that make up this brand, their associates, their suppliers, collaborators or their representatives are and will not be held liable to the USER or any third party for any incidents, consequences, direct or indirect damages (including but not limited to loss of business, loss of data or information or loss of profit) under any contract or negligence in connection with the site or the materials presented on the site.


SPARTAN newsletters are sent through the entities that make up the SPARTAN brand. This ensures the confidentiality and security of information.

When the USER completes the contact form provided by SPARTAN, he has the opportunity to express his agreement to receive the Newsletter. The option regarding the agreement issued by the Client, can be modified at any time, by filling in the unsubscribe form provided on the main page, also called “Home Page”.

Waiver of receipt of Newsletters does not imply waiver of acceptance of these “Terms and Conditions”.


The confidentiality of the USER’s data is very important to us, therefore, all personal information of the USER will remain confidential.

SPARTAN will not sell, distribute or disclose information about its visitors without their prior consent and will not use users’ images, photos or videos without their prior consent.

The information of any kind provided by the User to SPARTAN, will remain the property of SPARTAN.

By transmitting information or materials through this site, the USER gives SPARTAN unrestricted and irrevocable access to them, the right to use, reproduce, display, modify, transmit and distribute such materials or information. The USER also agrees that SPARTAN may freely use, in its own interest, these ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that it has transmitted to it through the Site.

SPARTAN will ensure the confidentiality of the USER’s data, if applicable, respectively of the data entered in the form provided by SPARTAN, more precisely of the name, surname, e-mail, telephone number, as well as other details related to the message transmitted on the site, in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Policy.

However, it is the USER’s responsibility to ensure that the information provided and transmitted on the site remains confidential at all times and will not be transmitted to third parties. By accepting these “Terms and Conditions” the USER agrees to inform as soon as possible if he has reasonable suspicions that the security of the USER’s data is in danger.


Pursuant to Decision no. 200 of 2015 on establishing the processing cases for which it is not necessary to notify within the National Supervisory Authority of Personal Data, SPARTAN is exempted from the obligation to notify the supervisory authority.

However, although it is no longer necessary to notify the National Supervisory Authority of Personal Data, SPARTAN will continue to comply with its obligations under Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as amended and supplemented.

SPARTAN has the obligation to manage in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data provided by the USER about himself. “

Collection and processing of personal data

The protection of information during the processing of the personal data of the USER is a major concern for SPARTAN. Therefore, SPARTAN aims to offer a safe online experience, respecting the rights of the USER.

SPARTAN does not encourage SPAM, does not provide the e-mail address of the USER to third parties (individuals or legal entities), does not sell, does not offer, does not exchange e-mail addresses obtained through this site, does not disclose the e-mail address -mail of the USER to other persons who access the pages of this site, without the explicit consent of the USER. Any USER who has explicitly provided on the site, his email address may choose to have it deleted from the database. SPARTAN will not make commercial communications by e-mail, unless the USER has previously expressed his express consent to receive such communications.

Any person who visits the Site and who provides personal data or information through this Site expressly and unequivocally agrees to the use of the data provided for the purposes mentioned below.

Personal data will only be stored if provided voluntarily by the USER, for example, in the context of completing a form, an opinion poll or during the execution of a contract (such as contracting a service).

The nature of the information requested refers, in particular, to personal data (name, surname, telephone numbers, e-mail address), but may also include other information closely related to making an appointment or providing feedback for the services provided by SPARTAN.

The USER’s completion of the forms on the site is equivalent to the unconditional acceptance that the data provided by these forms be included in the SPARTAN database and to the use and processing by SPARTAN and its collaborators for carrying out the activities of processing and providing services. organization of seminars on topics of entrepreneurial education and / or management, economic – financial management, marketing and advertising, statistics, as well as for electronic communications services (by email, SMS or telephone).

The termination of the personal data processing operation can be done in the following ways:

processing for another purpose, with the consent of the data subject;
deletion, destruction, archiving.
Measures taken to ensure the security of the processing of personal data

SPARTAN guarantees the security and confidentiality of the data hosted and transmitted through its computer system, but does not assume responsibility for the loss of information caused by any defects or errors in the software with which it is provided and which are provided by third party companies producing computer programs. Although SPARTAN has taken security measures to prevent data loss, misuse or misuse, and unauthorized access, the absolute security of data transferred over the internet cannot be guaranteed.

  • Any modification of personal data may only be made by specially designated authorized users.
    During the user training courses, the operator informs them about the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, the minimum security requirements for the processing of personal data, as well as the risks involved in the processing of personal data.
    Users who have access to personal data are instructed by the operator on privacy. Users are forced to log out when they leave work.
    Any personal data printed in physical format will be stored and archived in a locked room with restricted access.
    In order to maintain the security of the processing of personal data (in particular against computer viruses) the controller shall take measures consisting of:
    prohibiting the use by users of software programs that come from external or dubious sources;
    informing employees who have access to databases about the danger of computer viruses;
    implementation of automatic devirus and computer systems security systems;
    Encryption of data by SSL security certificate for encrypting information circulating through Internet channels between the site and its USER.

    SPARTAN makes all reasonable, commercially justified efforts to protect the personal data collected, analyzing new technologies in the field and then, if necessary, applies them to upgrade its security systems.

    Use and disclosure of personal data and specification of purpose

    The information provided by the USER will be treated in accordance with current legislation on the Protection of Personal Data and will be used by SPARTAN for the following purposes:

    invoicing of ordered services;
    evaluation of the services offered;
    direct marketing, ie information by e-mail on services, promotions or any other marketing actions carried out by SPARTAN and its partners and administration of the customer database (consumers), only to the extent that the person concerned has expressly and unequivocally agreed to the processing of e-mail and / or telephone for this purpose;
    conducting market research, monitoring consumer behavior;
    the processing and settlement by SPARTAN of the requests, questions and complaints addressed (see the “CONTACT” section displayed on the Site);
    other activities undertaken by SPARTAN and permitted by law, which are not subject to approval by the recipient.

Thus, SPARTAN undertakes not to make public the personal data transmitted by the USER through the Site, not to market them and not to disclose them to third parties, without the prior consent of the USER.

SPARTAN may disclose personal data to third parties if required by law or in cases of good faith to comply with legal provisions. When SPARTAN is requested to provide personal data in legal situations, only those data necessary for the strict fulfillment of the object of the request will be disclosed.

According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented, SPARTAN has the obligation to manage safely and only for the specified purposes, the personal data provided by the USER.

By completing the data in the form provided by SPARTAN, the USER declares and unconditionally accepts that his personal data be included in the SPARTAN database and gives his express and unequivocal consent that all such personal data be stored, used and processed by to SPARTAN, the entities that form the SPARTAN brand and their collaborators for the development and / or development by SPARTAN, the entities that form the SPARTAN brand and their collaborators of activities such as, but not limited to, commercial activities, product promotion and services, marketing, advertising, media, administrative, development, market research, statistics, tracking and monitoring of sales and consumer behavior. Also, the USER expressly and unequivocally agrees that this personal data may be transferred (assigned) by SPARTAN to the entities that form the SPARTAN brand.

Users’ rights to access personal data

The USER and all persons who transmit to the site, their personal data are guaranteed rights in accordance with the provisions of Law 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented.

By reading the Privacy Policy, the Personal Data Protection Policy and the “Terms and Conditions” of this Site, the USER has become aware that his rights are guaranteed by law, namely the right to information, the right to access data, the right to intervene on the data, the right to oppose, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, the right to go to court and the free movement of such data. At the same time, he has the right to object to the processing of his personal data and to request their updating, total or partial deletion.

The USER may exercise, free of charge and without any justification, any of the rights listed above, as follows:

the right to information, namely SPARTAN is obliged to provide information on the identity of the personal data controller, the purpose for which the data are processed, whether the provision of all data is mandatory and the consequences of refusal to provide them, and the existence of his rights ;
the right of access, respectively SPARTAN has the obligation to confirm to the applicant whether or not it processes personal data, free of charge, within one request per year, based on a written request, dated, signed and sent to office@hotelmandachi.com; it also has the right to consult the register of personal data processing, to file a complaint to the supervisory authority, but also to challenge the decisions of the operator, in accordance with legal provisions.
the right to intervene on the data, respectively SPARTAN has the obligation to rectify, update, block, delete or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, the data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, as amended and supplemented;
the right not to be subject to an individual decision;
the right to go to court;
the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning him and to request the deletion of personal data. Everyone has the right to object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of data concerning him.

SPARTAN may also provide the USER character data to other companies with which it is in collaboration, as well as to the entities that make up the SPARTAN brand, but only on the basis of a confidentiality commitment on their part, which guarantees that this data is kept and that the provision of this personal information is in accordance with the legislation in force.

SPARTAN undertakes not to expressly request personal data relating to the health of users through its contact form.

In the event that by filling in the data in the contact form provided by SPARTAN, the USER communicates to SPARTAN and data regarding his health, this is done only on the basis of free or will.


The user understands and accepts that SPARTAN may collect and store statistical and anonymous data, without identifying the people who visit this Site.

When you visit the Site, the web server automatically records data such as the name of the ISP and the website from which you are visiting. These data are anonymous, without any association between them and the personal data of the USER.

In order to improve the online browsing experience and to ensure that the service is relevant to the needs of the USER, the Site uses cookies and Google Analytics web analytics service (owned by Google Inc.). Google Analytics collects and processes statistical information to evaluate the USER’s use of the site and to report on the activity of the site. To collect this data, Google uses cookies, but the IP address transmitted by the browser from which you access the Site in Google Analytics will not be associated with other data held by Google or SPARTAN.

The USER may refuse the use of cookies by deleting cookies from the computer (by accessing the instructions in the menu of the browser used, by clicking on the Help ⁄ Help button). If you choose not to use cookies when visiting the site, some features and pages will not work properly.

More information about the cookie usage policy can be found in the SPARTAN Cookie Policy.


The use of this site, its materials and the services to which it has access through this site are governed by Romanian law.

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the use of the site, the materials presented on it, as well as in connection with the services to which it has access through this site will be settled amicably or, if it does not if possible, the disputes will be settled by the competent courts within the Municipality of Suceava.

Everyone has the right to object, free of charge and without any justification, to the processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes. She has the right to request SPARTAN to delete the information regarding her person, contacting SPARTAN, in writing, at the address: contact@spartan.ro.


These “Terms and Conditions” will remain in effect until their termination, in accordance with the provisions inserted in these “Terms and Conditions”.

SPARTAN reserves the right to terminate or unilaterally terminate these “Terms and Conditions” immediately, and / or to restrict access to the use of the Site or any Section thereof, at any time and for any reason, with or without cause. , inclusive, but not limited to repeated copyright infringement. Upon termination of these “Terms and Conditions”, the right to use the Site will cease immediately, and the USER will destroy all materials obtained from the site and all copies thereof.

The USER agrees that any termination of access to or use of the Site may be made without prior notice, and that SPARTAN may deactivate or delete all information and related files associated with it, and / or any additional access to such information. or files.

The USER agrees that SPARTAN is not responsible to the USER or any third party for any termination of access to the Site or any such information or files, and is not obliged to ensure access to files or information after any such resolution or denunciation unilateral.


SPARTAN reserves the right to review and update these “Terms and Conditions” at any time without prior notice or acceptance by users. Thus, please check the “Terms and Conditions” section, as well as the Privacy Policy, Personal Data Processing and Cookie Policy, when you access the Site, as changes may have occurred. since the last visit.

If the USER has questions regarding the information contained in this page, he can address them to the e-mail address: contact@spartan.ro.

SPARTAN reserves the right, at any time, to modify, suspend or discontinue the online activity of the site, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. SPARTAN will not be liable for any modification, suspension or interruption of the availability of the service or, without this provision, infringing the rights that the law recognizes to consumers.

Also, the services confirmed by SPARTAN, prior to the modification, suspension or termination operations ordered, will be properly executed by SPARTAN.

These “Terms and Conditions” will remain in force and will take effect throughout the period and during which the USER visits the site and if he ceases to be a user of the site, he must comply with continue to be bound by the Terms of Use, including any indemnification obligations and limitations of liability.

If the USER does not agree with these “Terms and Conditions” he is asked not to use the site.

SC STRONG MND CORPORATION SRL will never send an email requesting the USER / CUSTOMER to make the payment in a certain bank account. The USER / CUSTOMER must ignore any such emails and not initiate payment, and will redirect the unmodified email to the address: contract@spartan.ro.

SC STRONG MND CORPORATION SRL is not responsible and will not be responsible for infecting a USER / CUSTOMER’s computer with computer viruses, for cyber attacks of any kind, for losing data of the USER / CUSTOMER on his devices or damaging any hardware or software belonging to it. is not responsible for phishing emails or partner links that may appear on the website at any time.


These Terms and Conditions, as well as the Contract are subject to the provisions of Romanian law. In case of disputes, they will be resolved by the competent court at the headquarters of SC STRONG MND CORPORATION SRL, the USER / CLIENT expressly expressing their agreement regarding this choice of jurisdiction.