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Fresh Salad Ingredients

Ingredients: Chicken meat or veal mixture, piglet and mutton, lettuce, red onion, red pepper, tomatoes, olives, green cucumber, Danish specialty Del Delis or Thassos, tzatziki sauce, pita.

Ingredients: Chicken or veal mixture, pork and mutton, lettuce, red onion, red pepper, RoValues ​​per 100 g:

1. Energy value: 553.53 kJ
2. Energy value: 132.30 kcal
3. Fat: 5.05 g
4. Fatty acids: 1.84 g
5. Carbohydrates: 14.32 g
6. Sugars: 1.36 g
7. Fiber: 1.16 g
8. Protein: 7.12 g
9. Salt: 0.83 g

Salad 70g, tomatoes 40g, fresh cucumbers 35g, onions 10g, sliced ​​black olives 15g, bell peppers or kapia 20g, cheese specialty, Thassos or Del Delis specialty 50g, tzatziki topping 50g, roasted chicken (minced and frozen and seasoned , contains 70% boneless chicken breast with skin, 30% whole boneless chicken legs with skin, carrot, donut and chopped sweet pepper, refined sunflower oil, salt, spice mixture, turmeric, garlic powder, mustard seeds, agent thickener (xanthan gum), acidifier (citric acid), preservatives: sodium benzoate, frozen potassium sorbate and frozen spices and seasonings) 80g or roast pork + beef + mutton (frozen and spiced boneless pork shoulder, beef minced, boneless sheep’s breast, lard, cow’s yogurt, eggs, spices, salt, sugar, flavor enhancer (E621, E 635), sunflower oil) 80g, Pita 110g (Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, sugar, sunflower oil, iodized salt, yeast die).

Contains Allergens: Gluten (WHEAT), Milk, Eggs, Celery, Mustard.

Contains thawed meat.

Informații nutriționale / 100g

Energetic value

553,53 kJ / 132,30 kcal


5,05 g

Fatty acids

1,84 g


14,32 g


1,36 g


1,16 g


7,12 g


0,83 g


Celery. May contain Gluten (WHEAT).