A New Culinary Vision

Spartan specialties are inspired by the Greek cuisine but with its own preparation, and the wide range of ingredients leads to a unique combination of tastes.

For example, the Spartan Souvlaki is not at all reminiscent of traditional skewers. Instead, this delicacy is served on a plate with roasted meat, french fries, red onions, salad and pickles. Cold sauces such as olives, garlic, sweet and sour, tomatoes and tzatziki toppings are the ideal choice for this dish.

Pita | Spartan

Unlike the classic Pita, the master Spartan chefs use the pita-pita and the cake-pita, two slightly crunchy assortments that are used in the classic Gyros, Cheese Gyro and Leonidas pita.

Spartan meat is one of the key elements, because it is not limited to chicken.

Specifically, Spartan specialties may contain, as preferred, beef, lamb, and pork.

In addition, this meat is very delicious because it is tenderized in yogurt before being left to soak. Thus, it acquires a soft texture which makes it easier to penetrate the other ingredients.
The stew is made from onions, carrots, kapia peppers, honey, and garlic.

In addition to the mixture, all Spartan specialties can be combined with any of the five Spartan sauces created to satisfy the tastes of all customers, even big fans of hot sauces. Moreover, Cheese Gyros, Fresh Salad, and Persia Plateau can also be served with Feta cheese, as desired.

Carne Spartan


Many of us associate a meal at a fast food restaurant with a big extra calorie and carbs. But this is not always the case, especially when it comes to Spartan specialties.

Fresh Spartan Salad is one of the basic choices for those on a diet. It has a low calorie content, is invigorating especially on hot days, and can be combined with the “multitude of vegetables” sauce.

Interesting about this sauce is that it contains 0% fat, being prepared from natural ingredients, including tomatoes, carrots, celery, kapia peppers, and a note of hot peppers. But don’t worry, the salad will only be slightly spicy in combination with this sauce.

In conclusion, whether we are on a diet or not, Spartan restaurants are the ideal place for customers looking for something new but also for those who want a traditional culinary note.